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Transformed the urban commute by making helicopter taxis affordable and accessible

Voom Helicopter



Voom flew tens of thousands of passengers



Voom, an Airbus-owned company, connected helicopter operators with customers in the US, Mexico and Brazil during its three years of service

"Voom changed the way people move. We helped create access to the urban skies, leveraging customer and operational insights to help shape the future of urban air mobility."

Clement Monnet

Voom CEO

Voom: an on-demand helicopter platform

Voom provided an easy and affordable way to fly over traffic in a helicopter.

The Voom platform connected passengers with certified helicopter operators in the Voom network. Voom worked with highly-vetted third-party helicopter operators and helipads to deliver its service. All third-party operators were required to meet rigorous standards for safety and excellence.

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In early 2016, we started Voom with the ambition to democratize access to the skies and transform how people move in urban environments. Over the last four years, Voom has grown…

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