Voom Launches in Mexico City

We all know that time flies. Well, Mexico City — Voom is here to help you get some back.

Imagine soaring over rush-hour traffic on your way to work. This would be a dream come true for anyone who has had to endure a regular commute in Mexico City where traffic can be unbearable. Traffic and congestion cost local economies billions of dollars each year. Aside from the financial impact, we know that traffic has a real, and negative, impact on commuters’ health. A 2012 study from Washington University in Saint Louis shows that longer commutes are associated with chronic stress, high blood pressure, and weight gain. Voom is here to provide a solution — today!

Today, Voom, an Airbus subsidiary, is excited to announce that we have launched our on-demand helicopter booking platform in Mexico City, enabling commuters to fly over traffic and save time. We are thrilled to launch in Mexico City, our second market after São Paulo, Brazil. Voom has built one of the world’s first truly on-demand helicopter booking platforms that provides travelers the ultimate in convenience and reliability, yet does so in the most affordable and accessible way available today. With Voom, a rider can book and take off in as little as 60 minutes or plan their journey up to 7 days in advance.

Voom will be available between convenient locations in México City including Montes Urales and Interlomas, as well as Mexico City International Airport and Toluca International Airport. Flights will run Monday through Friday between 7:30am — 6:30pm. Use code “HOLA” to get $2,000 (MXN) off your flight in Mexico City.

Mexico City was an obvious choice for Voom’s second city. First, as the city’s residents can attest, Mexico City is one of the most congested cities in the world. There is also significant helicopter infrastructure already in place, including a dedicated helicopter air traffic control, which allows for seamless and efficient intracity air transportation. In working with the Mexican aviation authorities, DGAC and SENEAM, we are confident that Mexico City will be instrumental in defining the future of urban air mobility.

“Voom is the ideal company to be undertaking the challenge of urban air mobility in Mexico City and beyond. We have the know-how and resources to bring a viable helicopter booking solution to market today. We couldn’t be more excited to bring an urgently-needed, alternative transportation option to Mexico City,” said Uma Subramanian,” CEO of Voom.

Stay tuned to our blog for more exciting news over the coming weeks, including updates from Mexico City and where we will be launching next.

- Uma Subramanian