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Acubed is the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus. We provide a lens into the future for the aerospace industry, transforming risk into opportunity to build the future of flight now.

Nov 16, 2020


Revolution.Aero Uplift: Drop the Pilot or ‘Keep Skin in the Game?'

Oct 2, 2020

Drone DJ

AUVSI Names More XCELLENCE Award Winners

Sept 3, 2020


Perlan Project outfits Perlan 2 with new sensors, preps for 2021 flights

Aug 28, 2020


Acubed works toward single-pilot A320 replacement, begins autonomy-development flights

July 14, 2020

Aviacion en Argentina

Airbus with new tools helping to quickly test different production scenarios

July 9, 2020

Georgia Tech: Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering

Oktay Arslan, Ph.D AE '15 Makes History with Automated Airbus Landing

June 29, 2020

Asian Aviation

Airbus Concludes ATTOL with Fully Autonomous Flight Tests

June 29, 2020

Aviation Today

Airbus Concludes ATTOL Project That Featured ‘World-First’ Automated Takeoffs and Landings

June 24, 2020

T.O.M. Le Media du Tourisme Digital

In Toulouse, Airbus Makes the First Autonomous Landing of an A350

June 19, 2020

Uniting Aviation

ANC Talks: A New Digital Era of Aviation and the Path Forward for Airspace and Traffic Management

June 19, 2020

Aviation Week

Airbus Looks To Autonomy Applications Beyond ATTOL Project

June 19, 2020

L'Usine Digitale

With its ATTOL Project, Airbus Lands an Airplane Autonomously

June 1, 2020

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)

Finalists Named for AUVSI XCELLENCE Awards

May 14, 2020

Avionics International

FAA Targets 2021 for Launch of Drone Remote ID Service

May 5, 2020

INNO Conference

INNO Conference: Pushing the Boundaries to Solve Complex Problems

March 26, 2020

Aviation Week

DLR Project Puts Cabin At Center Of Aircraft Design

Feb 20, 2020

DCMilitary Tester

Speaker Series Fosters Continued Learning, Intellectual Stimulation

Feb 6, 2020

L'Usine Nouvelle

Relive the last flight of Vahana, the prototype that inspired Airbus flying taxis

Jan 31, 2020

Aviation Pros

Helicopter Association International Concludes Successful HAI HELI-EXPO 2020

Jan 28, 2020

Eco Aviation

eVTOL Update: A Visit with Vahana at HAI Heli-Expo

Jan 17, 2020

Rock the Outdoor

Quand le Parapente Aide aux Prévisions Météo et à la Protection de la Planète

Dec 27, 2019

East Oregonian

Airbus Ends Pendleton Testing

Dec 13, 2019

Oregon Public Radio

Robo Air Taxi Completes Flight Testing at Pendleton Airport, Airbus Moves On

Dec 2, 2019

Aviation Week

Acubed Completes Vahana eVTOL Flight Testing

Dec 1, 2019


Airbus Wayfinder Uses AI for Certifiable Autonomous Systems

Nov 21, 2019

eVTOL News

In-depth Interview: Airbus UAM, Vahana - Geoffrey Bower, Chief Engineer

Nov 21, 2019


Airbus Wayfinder Is Building Autonomy for Urban Air Mobility and Single-Pilot Operations

Oct 22, 2019


NBAA Showcases Unmanned Air Taxi Innovations

Oct 18, 2019

Aviation International News

Is Urban Air Mobility Part of Business Aviation's Future?

Oct 2, 2019

Helicopter Investor

Voom Launches in San Francisco

Oct 2, 2019

Avionics International

On a Mission for Airbus, Voom Enters the U.S. On-Demand Helicopter Market

Sept 13, 2019

SF Business Times

The Sky Is Not The Limit

Aug 28, 2019

Singularity Hub

You'll Hail Your First Flying Taxi Within a Decade

July 11, 2019

Aviation Week

Aircraft Computer Vision Prepped For Airbus Autonomy Demo

June 21, 2019

CBSNews / CBS This Morning

Inside the race to develop the first flying, self-driving car

June 20, 2019


Procurify raises $20 million to help companies manage spending

June 14, 2019

Military Embedded Systems

Your Flying Taxi is Here

June 6, 2019


Uber takes to the skies once more with Uber Copter

May 26, 2019


The Airbus Alpha Two Is The Company’s Flying Taxi Future

April 29, 2019

Aviation Today

PODCAST: Airbus A³ Project Wayfinder Executive Arne Stoschek

April 3, 2019

Aviation Week

From Air Taxis To Commercial Aircraft, Airbus A3 Developing Autonomy

Dec 17, 2018

Huffington Post Canada

Flying Cars May Appear In Skies Over Cities By 2023

Dec 7, 2018

Skies Magazine

Airbus Maps "Disruptive" Future

Nov 30, 2018

Rotor & Wing International

2018 Year In Review

Nov 28, 2018

Investors Digest

Ted Talk: Rodin Lyasoff & Flying Taxis

Nov 16, 2018

Wall Street Journal

Whats The Next Big Thing In Tech? It's Up To Us

Nov 14, 2018

Wall Street Journal

How Flying Cars Could Impact Airspace

Nov 14, 2018

Wall Street Journal

D. Live 2018: The Promise of 5G and Demystifying the Flying-Car Future

Nov 13, 2018

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Pendleton Is A Hub For Drone Testing. Now, It Wants To Expand Its Capacity

Oct 17, 2018


The Battery That's Changing Everything