Acubed delivers high-impact solutions to enable the next age of aviation

Acubed is the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus. We provide a lens into the future for the aerospace industry, transforming risk into opportunity to build the future of flight now.

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Acubed Partnership with qBraid Explores How Quantum Computing May Address Aerospace’s Most Computationally Intensive Problems

At Acubed, we encourage an open-door policy for ideation, intellectual collisions and passionate debate, and are constantly looking to push great ideas forward and test hypotheses…

Acubed Gathers Data Experts for Exchange on Innovations in Semantic Technology

Across industries, corporations are dealing with unprecedented amounts of data—much of it complex and unstructured. As discussed in an earlier blog post, the power of data depends…

Harmonizing Data Collection to Utilize the Full Power of Data

Data is a powerful asset, yet its power is limited by the quality of the data and our ability to make use of that information. At Acubed, the ADAM team is collecting massive amounts…

Getting to Know Wayfinder’s Simulation Engineer, Charvi Aggarwal

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