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Acubed is the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus. We provide a lens into the future for the aerospace industry, transforming risk into opportunity to build the future of flight now.

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Onward and upward

After nearly 35 years of service to Airbus, I’ve made the decision to depart from my beloved Airbus family and my current role as CEO at Acubed to start a new professional adventure…

Timeless Pilot Wisdom in a Pandemic: Drown Out the Noise

While no one knows exactly how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last nor its ultimate impact on society, what’s certain is that we cannot avoid disruption and change—now or in

Autonomous Cars and Planes: Toward a New Era

Autonomous technologies are without a doubt a significant area of focus and research for multiple industries, including aerospace and automotive. Last week I had the pleasure

The Short and the Long of It: Aviation Development at Software Speed

In the aviation industry, development cycles can often be measured in years. A new plane design? Seven to nine years. Certification? Three to five years. With safety as the industry’s…