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Acubed is the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus. We provide a lens into the future for the aerospace industry, transforming risk into opportunity to build the future of flight now.

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Autonomous or Not: Thoughts From Revolution.Aero’s November Town Hall

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in Revolution.Aero’s Town Hall meeting, a monthly event series where hot topics in aviation are discussed by expert participants…

Certifying AI for Safety Critical Aircraft Systems

On October 27, Project Wayfinder’s Chief Engineer Cedric Cocaud joined colleagues from the aviation industry on a webinar organized by Avionics to address the question of how

Automatic Data Labeling Strategies for Vision-Based Machine Learning and AI

In the first of our four blog series on data labeling, we introduced the notion of data curation, the necessity of data labeling, and the importance of maintaining tight control…

What We Heard at Drone Deploy Conference 2020

This week marked the annual Drone Deploy Conference and our own Dr. Joe Polastre, who participated on a panel focused on “Enabling Airspace Management for Today & the Future.”…