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Jax, Chief Dog Officer of Acubed, is a retired working dog and alumni of Warrior Dog Foundation (WDF), a nonprofit organization founded by U.S. Navy SEAL Mike Ritland in order to provide rehabilitation and retirement for some of the nation’s top tier Department of Defense, military, contract and law enforcement working K9s who might otherwise have been slated for euthanasia. Upon his retirement from service, Jax spent time at the WDF ranch in Texas before being placed with Paul Smith, Acubed’s Director of Test Flight and Operations.

Jax is enjoying his retirement as a former explosives/narcotics detection and apprehension professional and currently provides snack taste test services, trash can scavenger hunt security and squirrel alert duties at the Acubed offices in Silicon Valley. Although he takes his responsibilities as an Acubed team member very seriously, he can also be bribed with the appropriate amount of tummy rubs, ear scratches and tasty biscuits.

For more information on how to donate to Warrior Dog Foundation, please visit: www.WarriorDogFoundation.org.