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Project Executive

You are a jackalope of all trades. You are that rare creature at the intersection of a dreamer, a project manager, a chief engineer, and an evangelist. You are the world’s leading expert in your domain and you have an idea that will disrupt it. You are passionate about bringing this idea to life and can justify your idea through rigorous quantitative analysis. You’ll develop a project execution plan that is aggressive, flexible, and unencumbered by process. You will recruit the world’s top mind share in the field, and then you’ll run like hell. You’ll exercise total responsibility for project execution, including technical progress and oversight, leadership of and integration across the performer team, negotiation of business terms with key partners. And yes, budget and milestone tracking, reporting, etc. You will also be the spokesperson for your project, both internally across the and publicly.

If you think this is you, please send us your CV along with 1-2 pages (no more, please!) describing one or more project concepts that you might want to pursue, and how you’d go about it.

I'm a Jackalope.