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Creating autonomous flight and machine learning solutions to enable self-piloted aircraft operations



aircraft scale factor

Our systems are flown on a wide range of aircraft, from small air taxis (Vahana eVTOL weighing 0.8 tons) to massive commercial aircraft (Airbus A350 weighing 315 tons) - equalling a scale factor of 400


Billion annual passengers

Annual global air travel volume is expected to reach 7.8 billion passengers in 2036 - the same as the total world population today



Frequency at which an Airbus aircraft takes off or lands, totalling >25 million takeoffs and landings per year

Wayfinder develops the core technologies that will enable self-flying planes

Project Wayfinder is building scalable, certifiable autonomy systems to power the next generation of aircraft applications throughout Airbus for the entire commercial aircraft ecosystem.

Our team of experts is driving the maturation of core technologies for autonomous flight. We are creating a reference architecture that includes hardware-software systems and a data-driven development process to allow aircraft to perceive and react to their environment.

Autonomous flight will democratize air travel

Our team is at the heart of this revolution. Our team is using onboard cameras, radar and lidar as sensors to accelerate this technological revolution.

  • Researching deep learning models
  • Scaling out data and compute infrastructure
  • Creating realistic simulation
  • Developing safety critical software and hardware
  • Flight testing experimental systems

Meet the Wayfinders

We're building the future of autonomous flight, together. Each person on our team has a high degree of specialization where they are the authority.

Arne Stoschek

Project Executive, Wayfinder

Arne Stoschek

Project Executive, Wayfinder

Arne is passionate about robotics and autonomous electric vehicles. He has held engineering leadership positions at global companies such as Volkswagen/Audi and Infineon, and at aspiring Silicon Valley startups, namely Lucid Motors/Atieva, Knightscope and Better Place. Arne earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and held a computer vision and data analysis research position at Stanford University.

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“We’re really pushing the envelope with autonomous vehicles…the possibility and that element of uncertainty that comes with self-flying planes, makes the work that much more

Getting to know Wayfinder Principal Engineer, Carlo Dal Mutto

Why did you join Wayfinder?

Getting to know Wayfinder Software Engineer, Alexandre El Assad

Why did you join Wayfinder?

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