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Autonomous or Not: Thoughts From Revolution.Aero’s November Town Hall

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in Revolution.Aero’s Town Hall meeting, a monthly event series where hot topics in aviation are discussed by expert participants…

Certifying AI for Safety Critical Aircraft Systems

On October 27, Project Wayfinder’s Chief Engineer Cedric Cocaud joined colleagues from the aviation industry on a webinar organized by Avionics to address the question of how

Automatic Data Labeling Strategies for Vision-Based Machine Learning and AI

In the first of our four blog series on data labeling, we introduced the notion of data curation, the necessity of data labeling, and the importance of maintaining tight control…

Getting to Know Project Wayfinder Head of Infrastructure, Romain Komorn

How has your past experience as an educator influenced your approach working as the Head of Infrastructure at Wayfinder?

Project Wayfinder Wins 2020 AUVSI XCELLENCE Award for Its Outstanding Efforts Towards Creating Unmanned Systems

The Project Wayfinder team is no stranger to hard work. We’ve been working steadily over the summer to iterate and test our technology in Acubed’s newly developed Flight Test

Project Wayfinder Flight Test Campaign: We are off the ground!

Since the dawn of commercial aviation, each successive generation of aircraft has become increasingly automated. This automation, coupled with qualified pilots in the cockpit…

Manual Data Labeling for Vision-Based Machine Learning and AI

Project Wayfinder's perception and decision-making software—aimed at enabling autonomous flight—heavily relies on vision-based machine learning (ML) algorithms, which require

Getting to know Wayfinder Aerospace Systems Engineer, Anne-Claire Le Bihan

“Working on Wayfinder enables me to leverage my passion for aeronautics and my experience with path planning and controls as well as machine learning to design autonomous flight…

The Role of Data Curation and Data Labeling in Vision-Based Machine Learning and AI

While current commercial aircraft already have a high degree of automation, with autopilots that can fly without pilots actively controlling it, additional autonomous systems

Closed Loop Autonomous Flight Milestone [VIDEO]

It’s no surprise that amazing achievements are reached when teams work together. This has never been more true than in the case of the incredible milestone recently achieved by…

Getting to know Wayfinder Senior Software Engineer, Jim Vaughan

“We’re really pushing the envelope with autonomous vehicles…the possibility and that element of uncertainty that comes with self-flying planes, makes the work that much more

Getting to know Wayfinder Principal Engineer, Carlo Dal Mutto

Why did you join Wayfinder?

Getting to know Wayfinder Software Engineer, Alexandre El Assad

Why did you join Wayfinder?

Automatic Takeoff, Wayfinder, and the Next Generation of Aircraft

Airbus has successfully completed the first ever fully automatic takeoff of a commercial aircraft, in a recent demonstration at Toulouse-Blagnac airport. This achievement marks…

How Autonomy Will Support The Growing Demand for Air Travel

Few emerging technologies embody the promise and wonder of artificial intelligence quite like autonomous vehicles, which have the potential to forever transform the way we move…

Time Flies: Wayfinder’s One Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe one year has passed since Wayfinder started. As experts in the innovation of flight you can take it from us - it turns out time really does fly!

Wayfinder: The Video

In this post we’d like to share a visual overview of current Wayfinder initiatives so that our readers can see what our team sees!

An Inside Look at the Paris Air Show from Wayfinder Project Executive Arne Stoschek

Recently Wayfinder’s technology was prominently featured during the Paris Air Show (PAS) at Le Bourget Airport. The display showcased Wayfinder’s technology on Vahana’s Alpha

How Wayfinder is Using Neural Networks for Vision-Based Autonomous Landing

It's a critical skill every student pilot learns before being sent off on their first solo flight: how to land. No navigation instruments are needed—students are taught to look…

Wayfinder's Origin Story

All great teams need an origin story.

Welcome to Wayfinder!

In a world where annual air travel volume is expected to double by 2036 (to 7.8B passengers from 4B in 2017) and the number of pilots cannot scale quickly enough to meet that