Wayfinder: The Video

In this post we’d like to share a visual overview of current Wayfinder initiatives so that our readers can see what our team sees!

In the video you’ll get a look at the autonomous Vahana technology demonstrator which has been equipped with Wayfinder technology since it started its flight test campaign in January of 2018. To date, Vahana has successfully completed over 80 autonomous flights.

Additionally, we’ve included Wayfinder’s more recent work with Airbus’ Autonomous Taxi, Takeoff, and Landing (ATTOL) demonstrator project. Wayfinder is working with ATTOL to equip an airliner test aircraft with a suite of sensors, actuators, and computers to explore the potential of autonomy via computer vision and machine learning. In the video, you will see a Wayfinder machine learning algorithm in action during a simulated approach to a runway at Toulouse-Blagnac airport. The algorithm detects the runway and estimates the runway distance as well as the pseudo-ILS deviations. As detailed in our previous post, these types of simulations allow the Wayfinder team to quickly develop and test different versions of our software.

Check out the video:

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