Meet Airbus UTM’s Prototype: The Simulation Tool Helping Shape the UTM Systems of the Future

One of the first efforts kicked off within the Acubed project that became the genesis of Airbus UTM, was the development of a dynamic simulation tool the team called “The Prototype.” In its early stages, the Prototype was designed to explore ideas about the basic requirements of UTM.

Today, the Prototype is a distributed, service-based system that can simulate everything from the physics of an aircraft to the wide variety of factors that impact flight, such as weather, infrastructure and other nearby vehicles. Layered over this is a component that simulates the UTM system itself: allowing configuration for an almost infinite variety of operator and mission scenarios along with the UTM services that enable those operators to take to the skies.

Check out more on the Prototype’s evolution and the contributions of Airbus UTM’s tools and simulation environment here. These tools are at work for the entire aerospace industry, providing valuable data to inform industry standards and gain a global consensus on what the airspace of the future will look like.