Interning at Acubed

Looking to explore a career in aerospace where you can grow your software and engineering skill sets? Look no further.

At Acubed, you’ll gain real, on-the-job experience with an opportunity to build the future of flight.

We provide a well-structured, meaningful and enjoyable internship experience that introduces industry best practices at the intersection of software and aerospace engineering. Acubed’s internship program exposes students to new skills and knowledge that may not be offered in an academic environment, while also providing a first-hand look at what a promising career looks like in aerospace innovation.


Who we’re looking for (eligibility criteria)

Motivated, talented engineers straight out of undergraduate/ graduate programs

Preferably, candidates going into their last year of school (e.g. rising seniors in undergraduate programs, or those finishing up a Master’s Degree or PhD) as a full-time employee role is an option following the internship program

Students that are excited to bring cutting-edge research from academic institutions into a real-world setting

Timeline of application process

October to March for upcoming summer

Life as an Acubed intern


We provide interns with many opportunities to take part in building the future of flight. Inventing can be messy — we know that there is much we can do better, and we find tremendous energy in the many opportunities that lie ahead. Because of this, we provide every intern with both a mentor and a manager who will work to enable their success and help facilitate their career growth. These partners will provide guidance on projects, give feedback on key deliverables and work to remove barriers. Some of our most senior leaders started as interns, and we use this program as an important source for discovering talent.


We empower Acubers to take full ownership over their work, which is why we provide a variety of self-service resources to help teams meet their goals and learn from one another. During an internship, you can expect formal classroom training and self-service offerings. These materials help with things like managing experiences, analyzing data, problem solving, writing narrative documents and working backwards from the customer to the end goal. In addition to projects, interns are provided with many opportunities to develop personal and professional networks by taking part in social events, diving into workshops and taking advantage of all that Acubed has to offer.

Stories from our interns

FAQ: Returning to work

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