Nearly everything is an integration problem

It’s exciting times for The Advanced Digital Design and Manufacturing (ADAM) project: we’re seeing our team shift as our long-time Project Executive becomes CEO of Acubed, and we double down on our work to increase the impact we have across Airbus globally. A long-term member of the team, I am thrilled to take the helm of ADAM as we continue to solve the most prevalent challenge of our time - integration.

As the longest tenured project at Acubed, we’ve spent years building an environment that works at an abstract level and can be easily utilized to integrate a variety of tools and data to save teams across our business time, money, etc. Most challenges that our industry faces today are integration problems and our methodology can be deployed against nearly any challenge born out of systems and data not working together as best they can. Our common core allows us to go fast, leverage our existing software components repeatedly, and create future building blocks that can be reused to further increase the value of our solutions to each successive team we partner with.

For our peers in Silicon Valley who love aerospace, we are providing value to the largest OEM in the world—both in the US and abroad—that is entirely based on reconcepting how weighty tools and massive data sets speak to one another to offer learnings that impact our bottom line, but more importantly, make work even more efficient, fun and engaging for our incredibly talented colleagues. Nothing makes work less enjoyable than being unable to do one’s job due to systems and data being locked up, inaccessible and untranslatable. We work with speed and have a bias towards action. We build incredible vehicle support tools and use them in the service of aerospace —our work touches the whole lifecycle of an aircraft—it’s truly exciting to be a part of. If solving these sticky, but satisfying challenges sounds fun to you in the aerospace domain, check out the positions we have available!

We are excited about what’s next for ADAM, although in some ways we’re still determining what threads we’ll pull on in the years to come. We’ve worked hard over the years to innovate and put solutions into production to make an impact on every team we touch. But the age-old question rings true: what’s next? We know that our location in Silicon Valley will help shape that answer as new talents join our ranks and new startups provide inspiration and ideas that we can tap into.

In that way, ADAM takes a truly local-to-global approach to its work: we draw ideas and inspiration from our immediate surroundings; we work with our US manufacturing teams to deploy our technology and de-risk concepts by proving it out; we then transition those proven approaches at a global level as they’re applied to Airbus’ EU manufacturing work.

Coming out of the pandemic, our business is facing a ramp-up as well as challenges to achieve zero emission flight. ADAM is uniquely well-positioned to help Airbus tackle this with precision, tact and employ well-informed, data-driven decision making. If COVID taught us anything, it’s that digitally-enabled efficiencies are here to stay and we help identify, derisk and leverage more of those with each passing day.

Our ways of working are quick: we create a demonstrator for a specific project in about eight weeks, and give ourselves six months to prove value. We seek to accelerate processes for our internal customers, sometimes doubling the speed at which actions are done. We want our customers to use the solutions we come up with and hear them say “wow, I can do things now I could never do before”. We seek to open doors to universes they didn’t know were possible.

The most meaningful results are when we survey our partners and we hear back that with ADAM they feel empowered, engaged and free in how they work and what they can achieve. We help people rediscover their passions, develop new skills and have a more sustainable work experience through training and ease of use. While we’re engineers at heart, we’re using our skills to change lives and help our business grow. It’s incredibly gratifying and I invite you to join us on our journey.

- Guillermo Jenaro Rabadan