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Accelerating aerospace design and manufacturing through digital technologies

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ADAM was initiated in 2016 to help meet the forecasted demand for aircraft and to improve manufacturing processes and efficiency



We are paving the way for the integration of more than 6,000 aerospace design and manufacturing tools



ADAM is scalable by design to more than 100,000 people

"We are on a mission to help integrate the thousands of applications used to build aircraft in order to halve current production lead times!"

Trevor Johnson

ADAM team member

ADAM is accelerating the transition toward digitizing aircraft manufacturing and design processes

The Advanced Digital Design and Manufacturing (ADAM) project seeks to accelerate the Airbus transition towards a future of digital manufacturing and design. The team is uniquely positioned to identify and innovate on emerging technologies with collaborators in Silicon Valley and across the globe.

ADAM provides a platform to drastically reduce product lead times and lower production costs. Through our tool-agnostic framework, we integrate existing and newly developed aerospace software solutions. We provide easy-to-use tools to design and automate processes in aerospace manufacturing.

Digital tech to future-proof the aerospace industry

Our team delivers user-friendly software-based solutions.

  • Understanding customer requirements
  • Creating a tool-agnostic framework
  • Integrating software solutions
  • Automating repeat tasks
  • Improving processes

Example use cases

Meet Team ADAM

We are future-proofing the aerospace industry by developing a new breed of engineering talent who understand software development within the context of building aerospace products.

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