Today is Not Like Yesterday

When Airbus founded Acubed here in Silicon Valley back in 2015, several people asked why.

Why was an aerospace giant setting up shop in a global hotspot for software, artificial intelligence, social networking and more? The answer at that time—which still rings true today—was to purposefully locate ourselves in a burgeoning ecosystem to engage with a community of experts on technologies that are destined to play a role in our industry’s future. By doing so, we have opened ourselves up to amazing talent, opportunities and ideas that we simply couldn’t have afforded to miss out on.

Fast forward to 2020: it’s clear that today is not 2015. Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury said it best earlier this week: “For our generation, these are unprecedented times. This crisis will see our industry undergo deep changes in the months ahead. But we, Airbus and the broader aerospace sector, will emerge from this period eventually.”

Our parent company serves a worldwide customer base and we are all acutely aware of the impact of the current pandemic on our employees, our customers and our business broadly speaking. And while Acubed and the community which we are part of are also directly impacted, what I am proudly witnessing—more than any preventive social distancing measures—is a ferocious spirit of creativity, innovation and grounded optimism that remains undamped. As an organization, we are proud to hold onto this spirit and find ways to harness it throughout the crisis, as we all begin to settle into the “new normal” of working from home, and all that comes with it.

As a team, we have found new, virtual ways to share and remain connected to each other as we continue to create, ideate and progress. We are fundamental believers in helping innovative ideas march on, and that being safe and respectful towards the needs of our most at risk neighbors doesn’t mean we cannot still flex our most prized muscle: our minds. To this end, in the coming weeks, you will continue to see us posting on some of our projects as they move forward. We sincerely hope that these brief missives serve to help keep people motivated, inspired and thinking of how they, too, can positively shape the future—from the office or at home, in person or virtually.

- Mark Cousin