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Matured computer vision and connectivity solutions for autonomous Earth Observation and GIS



Million Square Kilometers

With Ray20, we explored how to provide an enormous amount of high definition imagery per day using aircraft



Each day with Ray20 we were able to revisit key, high demand regions



The Geospatial Information System (GIS) market in 2017 - and it’s growing rapidly

"Aircraft offer an amazing opportunity to expand the multi-layer architecture of Airbus’ geospatial platforms (space, aerial and terrestrial), ensuring our leading imagery and data services platforms and applications deliver the next generation of analytics and insights."

Ben Wilson

Former Project Executive, Ray20

Ray20 matured computer vision and connectivity solutions for autonomous Earth Observation and GIS

The Ray20 team sought to prove that it was possible and valuable to capture imagery on aircraft at a higher quality than satellite platforms and several orders of magnitude lower in cost. To do this, the team aimed to build scalable, certifiable and autonomous remote sensing systems using Airbus’ Aircraft as a Sensing System (AaaSS). The goal was to see whether their solution could provide Airbus customers in a wide range of industries with high quality, high cadence images and analytics of Earth to manage, support, analyze and improve their operations.

Over the course of the project, Ray20:

  • Drove the maturation of computer vision and connectivity solutions and other core technologies for autonomous Earth Observation missions and Geospatial Information Systems, leveraging Acubed’s flight test aircraft to analyze the environment it covers
  • Explored how to leverage aircraft for Earth Observation spatial and temporal cadence by:
    • Capturing key GIS data at unrivaled revisit rates
    • Integrating software solutions
    • Fully automating the end to end processes

Geospatial Information Systems are transforming our understanding of the world, and the Ray20 team was at the heart of this revolution.

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