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Leveraging flying platforms to improve weather forecasting

Monark weather patterns



Annual operator losses attributed to weather-related aviation delays in the US



Average number of aircraft in the sky at any given time



Amount of investment over the last decade in new companies, and mergers and consolidation in the weather data analytics and forecasting space

"Airbus stands in a unique position to become a leader in advancing weather knowledge and forecast skill."

Mike Vergalla

Project Executive, Monark

Monark aims to future proof the aviation industry and life on earth by accelerating global weather sensing at scale

Sustainable growth is critical to the future of the aviation industry and life on Earth. By accelerating global weather sensing at scale, Project Monark aims to help future proof both. To do so, the team is focused on scaling up weather-related measurements using commercial aircraft, weather balloons and autonomous flying platforms in order to directly and significantly benefit both weather forecasting and commercial aviation.

Turning aircraft into weather-sensing devices

Technology can help us form a more balanced relationship with our planet and become better stewards of Earth. We have the technology to advance our weather knowledge.

  • Capturing key environmental data
  • Building a new set of analytics tools
  • Leveraging distributed, connected aircraft
  • Improving forecasting skills
  • Aiding in the sustainable growth of commercial aviation

Meet Team Monark

We’re pursuing the opportunity to improve forecast skill by using global sensing at scale.

Mike Vergalla

Project Executive, Monark

Mike Vergalla

Project Executive, Monark

Mike is the Project Executive of Monark, an initiative focusing on advancing weather analytics to improve the operational efficiency and environmental performance of flying commercial platforms. Dedicated to designing a sustainable future for life on Earth and beyond, Mike previously spent six years as a member of the first private team that attempted to soft land on the lunar surface as the second employee at Moon Express. He also founded the Free Flight Research Lab, a non-profit research institute aimed at creating positive global impact through the application of exponential technologies in materials, sensors, robotics and communication. Mike holds a Bachelor and Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology. He enjoys racing sailboats and paragliding, and holds Basic and Tandem flight instructor ratings.

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