Airbus UTM

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Building digital air traffic management solutions to enable the next age of aviation

Airbus UTM - Digital Air Traffic Management

Airbus UTM builds and develops a suite of products and services for unmanned traffic management

Originally known as Project Altiscope, this team now operates as Airbus UTM.

Our team is designing, developing and building the critical infrastructure necessary to allow new aircraft to safely enter and share our future skies. Through continued research, simulations, and industry collaboration, Airbus UTM is enabling the adoption of air taxis and drone delivery.

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Strategic Deconfliction Increases Operational Safety in Simulation

Air traffic is expected to increase significantly in the next two decades with the advancement of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) technology. While this will undoubtedly lead to…

Airbus UTM’s USim Brings Advanced Simulation Technology to Researchers Exploring Future Traffic Management Operations

To better understand tomorrow’s skies, Airbus UTM is developing a proprietary simulation environment called USim to explore how future airspace will operate. USim not only allows…

EUROCONTROL Taps Airbus UTM’s Digital Twin to Improve The Safety and Performance of U-Space Operations in Europe

In June, Airbus UTM signed a memorandum of cooperation with EUROCONTROL (ECTL) to collaborate on the simulation of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) and Unmanned Traffic Management…

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