Airbus UTM

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Building digital air traffic management solutions to enable the next age of aviation

Airbus UTM - Digital Air Traffic Management

Airbus UTM builds and develops a suite of products and services for unmanned traffic management

Originally known as Project Altiscope, this team now operates as Airbus UTM.

Our team is designing, developing and building the critical infrastructure necessary to allow new aircraft to safely enter and share our future skies. Through continued research, simulations, and industry collaboration, Airbus UTM is enabling the adoption of air taxis and drone delivery.

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2021 AIAA Aviation Forum: Accommodating operational uncertainty in UAM with strategic deconfliction

As many of our readers are well aware, The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is a worldwide leader in the global aerospace industry as the largest technical…

Accelerating advanced air mobility with NASA: An update on X3 and X4 simulation series

Developing and deploying tools that support advanced air mobility (AAM) is a key focus at Airbus UTM. While we’re working specifically to solve the industry’s air traffic infrastructure…

Unpacking Remote ID

For anyone interested in drones or flying them, understanding the basics of Remote ID is useful because it impacts the way drones are operated and being integrated into our skies…

Collaborating to Build a Future Airspace System

At Acubed, many of our first generation innovation projects focused on the key parts required to make Urban Air Mobility (UAM) a reality. We worked on understanding the market…

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