Airbus UTM

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Building digital air traffic management solutions to enable the next age of aviation

Airbus UTM - Digital Air Traffic Management

Airbus UTM builds and develops a suite of products and services for unmanned traffic management

Originally known as Project Altiscope, this team now operates as Airbus UTM.

Our team is designing, developing and building the critical infrastructure necessary to allow new aircraft to safely enter and share out future skies. Through continued research, simulations, and industry collaboration, Airbus UTM is enabling the adoption of air taxis and drone delivery.

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What We Heard at Drone Deploy Conference 2020

This week marked the annual Drone Deploy Conference and our own Dr. Joe Polastre, who participated on a panel focused on “Enabling Airspace Management for Today & the Future.”…

Airbus UTM and MIT Paper Selected as Best Paper at 2020 ICRAT Conference

Several months ago, esteemed colleagues at MIT, alongside our Airbus UTM team, submitted a new co-authored paper to the 2020 International Conference for Research in Air Transportation…

Making Drone Pilots’ Lives Easier: Automating Flight Approvals

“DroneDeploy and Airbus UTM give us an easy in-app way to obtain automated authorizations. I like that I have the consistency with DroneDeploy, and everything is in one place.”…

Meet Airbus UTM’s Prototype: The Simulation Tool Helping Shape the UTM Systems of the Future

One of the first efforts kicked off within the Acubed project that became the genesis of Airbus UTM, was the development of a dynamic simulation tool the team called “The Prototype.”…

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