Step Inside Alpha Two

In our last post, we shared our incredible milestone of achieving 50 full-scale test flights with Vahana Alpha One, and eagle-eyed readers noticed that we shared a new image of Alpha Two, our second full-scale demonstrator, which also lives up in Pendleton, Oregon. By having a second complete full-scale vehicle we achieve two primary objectives: first, we have a complete set of spares should they be needed on-site due to variables in Alpha One testing and, second, we’re able to experiment with the passenger experience from which we’ve learned a lot. While we use Alpha One for test flights currently, Alpha Two is the first Vahana demonstrator with a finished interior.

We wanted to share more pictures as the aircraft is beautiful and so that we can reveal our current conception of the interior as well.

Alpha Two with propellers tilted on the Pendleton runway

The photography crew went out at dawn to capture some truly spectacular aircraft imagery. You can just imagine getting to the vertiport for your quick trip to work.

Alpha Two with its canopy open on the Pendleton runway

In this photo, you can see the canopy open and ready to welcome a passenger. How passengers enter UAM aircraft may vary by vertiport, but we envision solutions including a platform or steps (neither are shown here).

Alpha Two nose cone close up on the Pendleton runway

If you’re curious about the hardware on the front of the aircraft, that’s part of the system that Vahana uses to sense and avoid obstacles in the air. This technology is powered by Wayfinder, another project from Acubed by Airbus. Check out the team’s project page if you’re interested in future updates on their system.

Alpha Two canopy open on the Pendleton runway

A first glimpse of the seat inside Vahana is exciting for the team here who’ve been working hard to advance the vehicle from concept to demonstrator in just a few short years!

Alpha Two interior — with a mockup of the on-screen image — on the Pendleton runway

For those of you who have always dreamed of taking a ride in a Vahana, we wanted to give you the opportunity to see what that would look like. Here you’ll find a first-person perspective of what it might be like to take a seat under the canopy, be personally welcomed by Vahana’s screen, and see the horizon laid out in front of you as you prepare to take off.

Alpha Two on the Pendleton runway

We appreciate all those who continue to follow our journey both here and on Twitter and we hope you’re just as excited about this tour of Alpha Two as we are! So far 2019 has been a thrilling year and we can’t wait to share more updates with you.

- Zach Lovering