Flight Test Update: Full Transition

Today I’m excited to share a new video from Vahana. In the video below you’ll see a successful full transition flight, which represents everything we set out to achieve when we began our flight test campaign. Our first full transition flight was performed on May 3rd and was our 66th flight test. Since then we have completed more than a dozen additional flights, including some at higher speeds and others to measure noise.

Vahana Cruising By

You might be asking yourself, “what does a full transition flight entail?” In the video, you’ll see Vahana take off vertically and then accelerate forward, much like in other videos we’ve shared. This time, however, Vahana’s wing and canard rotate to the full cruise configuration as the aircraft speeds up to 90 knots (over 100 mph). Once the vehicle reaches cruising speed, the transition is complete and the vehicle begins to decelerate preparing for its descent and skids down! But don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself in the video below.

Whether you’ve been following along here throughout our journey or are a new reader, we so appreciate your support. We’re thrilled to share this video with you and can’t wait to keep you updated on Airbus Urban Mobility’s vehicle plans in the months ahead.

- Zach Lovering