Bon Voyage Transpose: What's In Store for the Future of Modular Flight at A3 and Airbus

After successful completion of its Alpha phase, Transpose has concluded as a project within Acubed. The technology, research, and prototypes will be integrated into Airbus' core business, fulfilling the project's mission to rethink the industry's approach to aircraft cabin design.

All of Acubed's advanced projects take aim at big challenges with lean teams that work quickly to make ambitious visions a reality-and the Transpose project did exactly that. In just over one year, Transpose developed award-winning technical innovations and a body of research that challenged assumptions and conventions about the definition of an aircraft cabin. Simultaneously, the project demonstrated a real market case for evolving commercial aircraft into flexible platforms that can unlock new revenue opportunities for airframers, operators and the surrounding ecosystem. Transpose's work will enable Airbus and the industry at large to continue providing new options for airliners ultimately building the future of flight. And it wouldn't have been possible without Project Executive Jason Chua and the Transpose team.