Urban Air Mobility Iconography

At Airbus, we often say that the vehicle is just one part of what will make Urban Air Mobility a reality in the years ahead. These vehicles — ours and others — have become the “public face” of an emerging transportation category that has hundreds of moving parts beyond the aircraft, including ground transportation, sophisticated mobile applications, and new Unmanned Traffic Management systems. The integrated sum of all these parts and others are required to move about our airspace safely and efficiently.

In pursuit of illustrating some of these elements, we’ve been inspired to create a unique set of Urban Air Mobility icons that can be used to visualize the passenger journey. Keeping with our tradition of sharing openly, we’re making these icons available for public use on Acubed’s media page and mirrored in our repository here.

This extensive set includes icons to illustrate the story of the passenger experience, whether traveling between airports, from an airport to work, or on a commute. Below you’ll find a key to these icons that is color-coded to provide a storyline based on journey type.

- Zach Lovering