Here’s to Five Years of Aerospace Innovation

When Acubed was founded back in May 2015, we had a narrow and literal mission: disrupt Airbus and the rest of the aerospace industry before someone else does. As our founding CEO Paul Eremenko stated at our launch event, we were looking for “product concepts, business models, processes, methods and tools that could disrupt the business of making things that fly—and of course in the process, create new ones.”

Five years on, that mission has become even more concise: “build the future of flight now.” And we’re doing just that. Our projects—active, transitioned, and culminated—speak for themselves in that regard. We built and flew an all electric, self-piloted VTOL aircraft; we’re developing the capabilities for aircraft to autonomously takeoff and land; we contribute greatly to how the air traffic of tomorrow will be managed in light of more, varied flying platforms sharing the skies; we reimagined modular cabin design; we’re digitizing aircraft manufacturing and design processes to ensure efficiency; we ran an on-demand helicopter service, and the list goes on.

Over the years, we’ve learned an incredible amount, and today, with COVID-19 impacting every corner of the Earth, we look to be ahead not only of competitive challenges, but truly existential ones that spark each of our desires to innovate.

Join myself and our former and current leaders as we celebrate five years under our belt, and many more to come.

We have been fortunate to support a diverse group of incredibly talented and brilliant team members across our operations and project teams. As projects evolve or end, it’s been incredible to watch team members go on to do amazing things, from starting their own companies, to joining market leaders, to returning to academia. We are merely a vessel for their brilliance to impact the world, with Airbus’ decades of experience putting wind in their sails to move quickly and confidently.

I’m proud to be a part of this historic innovation center, and can’t wait to share what we’ll do next.

- Mark Cousin