About Us

Paige took on the position of Chief Operating Officer at Acubed in June 2021. She brings over a decade of experience in the realm of aerospace research, technology and innovation to the role. Prior to joining Acubed, Paige supported the launch of several new business units, incubators, departments and teams during her tenure in Airbus, Acubed’s parent company. She has a successful track record in positioning the company in new and emerging markets through her strategic acumen, strong communications skills and ability to motivate others.

In her role as COO, Paige is responsible for overseeing the company’s technical engagements, spinning up new activities, and building positive relations and bridges with the Silicon Valley ecosystem and the parent company. She is dedicated to Acubed’s mission to leverage Silicon Valley’s unique strengths to meaningfully shape the aerospace industry as part of its vast digital transformation.

Paige holds a Bachelor of Arts from the College of Wooster and a Master of Arts from Kent State University. A certified Yoga instructor, Paige enjoys exploring how to incorporate the wisdom of yoga in the work context.