Sr. Systems Integration Test Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA

Founded in 2015, Acubed is the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus. As a global leader in aerospace, Airbus aims to make things fly. Our mission is to provide a lens into the future for the industry, transforming risk into opportunity to build the future of flight now.

At Acubed, we strive to propel innovation to market faster, broaden the talent pool in emerging aerospace careers and simultaneously help drive a culture change across Airbus.


Project Wayfinder is building scalable, certifiable autonomy systems to power the next generation of commercial aircraft. Our team of experts is driving the maturation of machine learning and other core technologies for autonomous flight; we are creating a reference architecture that includes hardware, software, and a data-driven development process to allow aircraft to perceive and react to their environment. Autonomous flight is transforming the transportation industry, and our team is at the heart of this revolution.

The Opportunity 

As the Senior Systems Integration Test Engineer, you will report to the Director of Flight Test Operations at Wayfinder. In this role, you will plan, execute and report on ground and assist flight test operations for our projects on surrogate full scale mock-ups and full-scale aircraft for data collection and flight test campaigns to validate systems and collect data. You will be responsible to help organize resources required to conduct thorough testing of our systems while working with engineers across the team to design those tests. Responsibilities will include minor fabrication of test jigs and hardware installations in support of small scale systems tests and hardware calibration. You will manage our lab facilities, including identifying ,ordering and controlling inventory, as well as maintaining project hardware and test equipment while controlling access and testing procedures. Your focus will be on design verification tests and hardware and software in the loop integrated testing to verify system performance prior to flight testing. You will assist the flight test team to ensure systems are ready for flight test and occasionally conduct flight testing as a flight test engineer. We expect you to maintain a culture of safety around our ground and flight test activities while also encouraging urgency and a bias toward action.


  • Work with technical leads and department heads to build and manage HIL/SIL and integrated aircraft surrogates
  • Plan, organize, and lead data collection ground tests to support flight test campaigns for Wayfinder systems
  • Support cross functional and cross discipline teams to execute successful flight operations by setting test priorities and communicating them effectively
  • Create innovative and efficient processes and procedures for testing our systems that keep us on schedule while maintaining quality and safety at all times
  • Manage test article hardware and software configurations and oversee fabrication of test jigs and system hardware installation
  • Work with teams to logically integrate system hardware and software into our various test platforms to support efficient flight test activities
  • Evaluate system performance, provide detailed observations during testing and provide system performance feedback during flight and ground test events
  • Manage and curate flight and ground test data and video
  • Deliver quick look reports immediately following test events and detailed written reports following major test milestones
  • Develop flight and ground test data analysis tools capable of supporting an agile and fast-paced test campaign, and employ them to assist in confirming performance, identifying and diagnosing issues, and collaborating on solutions
  • Perform various manual tasks including installing and replacing test equipment and test systems
  • Continually evaluate  ground and flight test procedures and operations and enact changes to improve data quality, efficacy, safety and efficiency


  • Bachelor’s (BS) degree in aerospace engineering, a related discipline, or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years of progressive experience in engineering including integrating sensors and ancillary support equipment in aerospace vehicles
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and document a test program including exceptional organizational and communication skills for coordinating with internal and external stakeholders
  • Knowledge of relevant aviation regulations and logistics including general aviation aircraft alterations and maintenance, radio communication procedures, and flight planning
  • Experience or knowledge of Safety Management Systems (SMS) either in a supervisory or participant role
  • Documented proof of fully vaccinated status required (or qualify for an exemption)

Strongly preferred qualifications

  • MS with significant experience with experimental air vehicle project(s)
  • Familiarity with or experience in Machine Learning processes and applications
  • Working with vendors in the development of design and fabrication of integrated systems
  • Experience with integrating simulation software (e.g., X-Plane) into ground testing platforms 
  • Experience with design and fabrication of wiring harnesses
  • Embedded/microcontroller development including sensor interfacing
  • Developing and debugging in interpreted and compiled languages (Python, C/C++)
  • Familiarity with version control systems with Git or another DVCS
  • Familiarization with design tools such as Solidworks
  • Electrical prototyping experience, including with system bringup and debugging, analysis using digital multimeters and oscilloscopes, and basic circuit design and analysis
  • Simulation model development, validation, refinement
  • Cross-platform development, esp. Linux, MacOS
  • Experience with Agile methods, and related tools, e.g. JIRA, Bitbucket
  • Experience with optical engineering or a background in optical design,  videography and/or photography either professionally or as a hobby
  • Fixed-wing pilot or actively pursuing a license
  • Experience with test automation and test management tools


  • Exceptional PPO medical, dental and vision benefits 100% of premiums covered for employee and their family/dependents
  • Generous PTO of 5 weeks (6 weeks after 2 yrs) in addition to 11 national holidays and unlimited sick days
  • Tuition reimbursement for professional development or $15,750 for flight training
  • 3 months paid parental leave from Day 1
  • Employee discounts through Airbus Tickets @Work, gym membership/subsidy and more